Water Features & Ponds

Water features and ponds are a great way to introduce a focus point to your garden, and the gentle flow of water can introduce an element of calm and tranquillity to either your whole garden, or part of it.
Water Features & Ponds

Our extensive range includes water features at all price points, and different levels of complexity. Some are self-contained so need no additional plumbing, other more elaborate features require plumbing but that is something we can install for you.

If you are conscious of the environment, talk to us about our solar panel water features which run off solar energy                to operate.

During your water feature consultation, we can discuss maintaining your water feature and any required after care to ensure that your feature continues to operate to its full capability. All our water features are of the highest quality and come with a warrantee so that you can enjoy your feature for as long as possible. If you would like to find out more about our extensive water feature range, please get in touch today.


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