Natural Stone Set Driveway - Barnet

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Natural Stone Set Driveway - Barnet
Case study- Marshalls Natural Stone Set Driveway installation Barnet XXsq/m ​
This is dummy text until we receive final copy form Marshalls K Paving. Dig a 150mm bed in your garden turf, ensuring there’s enough soil left over to go around the outside of your patio. Make sure the soil is levelled out evenly.
Layering with landscape fabric

Add a layer of landscape fabric – it’ll help prevent weeds growing up through your patio. Cut to size and lay it down inside the bed.

Framing your patio

A wooden frame will keep your patio in place. To make sure your patio is laid straight, lay one of the planks down perpendicular to your house and use the string and stakes to mark where the corners join. Once you have your first corner marked out you can then build the rest of the frame. This is a good time to think about how you’ll lay the slabs on the sand – how many you need, and where you want to put them.

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